4-Color Metallic Gladiator Sandals

I LOVE gladiator sandals! They have always been my type of shoe. Unfortunately, they are not in style very often. The last time they were in style, I was a junior in high school! I stocked up back then, but obviously cheap flimsy sandals from 7 years ago haven’t lasted.

I won’t make that mistake this time, though! Now I am snatching up several pairs of every style of gladiator sandal I find. I don’t care when they go back “out of style” – they’re my favorite shoes and I’m going to keep on wearing them!

I saw these amazing 4-color metallic ankle gladiator sandals for just $20 at Forever 21. They are so impractical and not the comfiest but I just HAD to have them the second I saw them.


The straps are metallic pink, gold, silver and bronze, and zip up and down the back (thank goodness, otherwise there would be A LOT of buckles to do every time you wanted to take them on or off!).

I love that there are so many different metal colors in these shoes, because it helps them match with so many things. The pink somewhat limits the range of outfits I can wear them with, but I mean how can you complain about this beautiful streak of pink? I make do.

They’re not the most comfortable shoes, as the backs are stiff and rub against my heel, so I make sure to wear them as statement shoes, and not when I have a lot of walking to do.

If you’ve been following Diaries of a Domestic Diva, you’ll see that I own other pairs of gladiator sandals, like my snakeskin-print gold ones from Target that remind me of my favorite Charlotte Russe pair from high school.


Do you like gladiator sandals? Do you prefer demure one-color gladiator sandals that go with everything, or statement gladiator sandals like these, or like the ones that go all the way to the knee? Tell me in the comments!


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