4th of July at The Standard Downtown LA

Good morning!

Welcome to my first official (not introductory) post for Diaries of a Domestic Diva! I hope you all had a great 3-day holiday weekend.

Blondes, bikinis, beer, America
Blondes, bikinis, beer, America.

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing everyone getting all dressed up in red, white and blue and getting outdoors. It makes me happy to see everyone uniting under shared patriotism for a change, instead of dividing amongst race, class or political party lines. We are all Americans – and we are all ready to party! Haha.

I spent the 4th on the rooftop of a hotel here in Downtown LA, The Standard. The Standard and I have a long history – my boyfriend Ramsay and I spent our first Valentine’s Day here, and we’ve spent more weekends than I can count dancing the night away on the rooftop dance floor, swimming in the pool during the day and enjoying a boot of beer in the German-themed biergarten.

Our 3rd Fourth of July together <3
Our 3rd Fourth of July together <3

For the 4th of July, The Standard hosted a pool party put on by dFm DubFrequency. The Standard is known for having super-cool pool parties, so the plan was to wake up early and get a move on to avoid long lines.

But…Ramsay and I have both been sick, so we ended up sleeping in a lot longer than expected! Luckily, the line moved pretty quickly and we were up to the rooftop in about 35 minutes. Even better, the cover charge was just $10.

Once on top, I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd volume. There weren’t too many – or too few – people. It was fast and easy to get a drink, there was room to swim in the pool – it was perfect.

We even met some cool guys who generously invited us to share their prime-real-estate-dry-spot with them, and with whom we hung out most of the rest of the day.

All-American BBQ.

After a long day of swimming, drinking beer and chatting with cool peeps, we decided to head out. Our new friends came back home with us, where we had a delicious BBQ of veggie and beef burgers with the classiest of side dishes, Cheetos and Flaming Hot Cheetos.

It was a pretty perfect, chill, All-American 4th of July!

What did you do to celebrate our nation’s birthday? Let me know in the comments!

See below and check out my Instagram for more fun photos from the event!


Swimming the day away
Swimming the day away.
Blondes, bikinis, beer, America. Bikini from Target
Blondes, bikinis, beer, America. Bikini from Target.
Holidays are always a blast with him
Holidays are always a blast with him.
New friends
New friends.
All-American couple
All-American couple.


Our 3rd Fourth of July together <3
Our 3rd Fourth of July together <3

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