A+ Accessories: Charged Jewelry

These days, crystals and energy have been all the rage (at least here in LA, where I live – not so sure about the rest of the world). The idea here is that different natural crystals and gemstones promote different energies and vibes, from healing to positivity to health.

Personally, I think this is a bunch of bull. I am not superstitious or religious and I don’t believe that rocks have any power whatsoever over our lives.

When one of my favorite jewelry companies, Ettika, released their”Charged Jewelry” collection, I was intrigued not by the fact that the bracelets had been”charged with energy, but that they were really really pretty!

The story here is that there is an energy vortex in the desert of Sedona, Arizona, where the earth has an exceptional amount of energy. All the Charged Jewelry goes to this vortex to be “charged” with this energy. That’s why the bracelets have a “+” on one side and a”-” on the other side. The idea is to live a balanced, healthy life.

The different stones are also supposed to do different things, such as “charge your creativity” (Carnelian), “charge your health, (Fossil Jasper), “charge your dreams” (Amethyst) and “charge your strength” (Onyx).

I opted for Tiger’s Eye, which”charges your mind, simply because it was the prettiest to me. I love brown, and with fall colors, brown boots and brown belts, I figured a brown bracelet would go with pretty much everything.

(But if you’re curious, the Tiger’s Eye stone is supposed to enhance integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and balance while helping its wearer think clearly and honestly, opening the Third Eye).

I wear it with casual ripped jeans, with pretty work-appropriate clothes and even with fall sweaterdresses.

But the best part about Charged Jewelry is that $1 from each sale goes to The Charged Fund – to put positive energy back into the universe, of course. They select different charity organizations to donate to throughout the year – and you can even suggest a cause of your own.

I don’t believe that the universe has positive energy but I sure do believe that you can make a positive difference in the real lives of the earth and the people in it – and that’s why I love Charged Jewelry and its message.

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