Beach Bonfire Necessity: Aran Sweaters Direct

Wait. A wool knit sweater. In SoCal, in the summer? Why, you may ask?

Well, if you’ve ever partaken in a beach bonfire or been to the beach at night, you’ll know why.

Bonfires are my number one favorite activity, but nothing ruins them quite like freezing your buns off in the crisp night air. Or moving closer to the fire to warm up, only to get way too hot and burned by stray embers.

When I received my gorgeous, 100% merino wool knit sweater from Aran Sweaters Direct, an authentic Irish company that’s actually located in Ireland, I was way too excited to wait until late fall / winter to pair it with jeans and boots.

So I decided to take it to a bonfire in Huntington.

My sweater was the perfect addition as the sun started to set. Our group headed for a last drink at SeaLegs on the Beach in Huntington. While everyone else froze to death on the walk over, I was warm and cozy in my sweater, thrown over the beach dress I had worn as a cover-up earlier that day. And the wind was no issue – I jumped on the bar’s swings and enjoyed!

Merino wool is ideal for wet weather, as well, because it is naturally insulating and moisture resistant. So I feel safe wearing it by the beach with all the moisture in the air!

I can’t wait to pair my sweater with traditional cold-weather items in winter, but until then, I’m loving it for chilly summer nights at the beach. All you need are your shorts and a bonfire and you’ll be good to go.

Not familiar with Aran sweaters¬†Aran stitching is a traditional style of knitting intricately woven by skilled craftsmen, each one featuring a unique Irish design that has been passed down throughout the generations. The cable knit stitch is said to represent fishermen’s ropes and symbolizes hope for prosperity, while the honeycomb stitch stands for plenty and good luck.

I love this turtleneck sweater because it’s slim-fit and not bulky. It looks great layered over a dress, a slim pencil skirt or jeans. Check back in fall to see how I rock my sweater!

You can shop my sweater here.

Disclosure: I received this sweater complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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