Best of Beauty: Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

Foundation and mascara are the two most important makeup items any woman can own. Why? A good foundation evens out skin tone, eliminates redness, hides imperfections and blemishes and can produce an even, matte finish that lasts the entire day. Mascara makes the eyes “pop” and makes eyes look more awake, even if you showed up to the office running on just 5 hours of sleep.

With the two items, you can skip all the eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow, brow pencils, blush, bronzer etc. and look instantly put together.

I’m the world’s laziest person, so I have eyelash extensions, which I get refilled every 2 weeks. Thus, no need for mascara!

The only problem left – foundation.

I’m lucky to have great skin – probably karma kicking it back to me after years of middle school acne angst. However, I do have some broken capillaries in my face and some uneven redness, and my face tends to flush and get even redder in the heat, in a crowded bar or when I am anxious.

Thus, a good foundation to even things out and provide a photo-ready finish is a must. Finding the perfect foundation is difficult, though. So many makeup brands think that women only come in 5-10 colors, and you just have to deal with the shade closest to you. And that’s if you’re white or LatinX – I can’t even imagine trying to find foundation if you’re Black!

Dior Backstage has a new line of face and body foundation that serves to cater to way more women. Their liquid foundation comes in 40 shades, including 16 “intensities” and 6 undertones, so you can not only find the shade for you but the perfect level of coverage.

Dior Backstage’s formula is deemed “extreme condition-proof” for 91% of women and provides a photo-ready finish for 95% of women.

Usually when I go out, I apply NYX green primer (to reduce the redness of my face), then liquid foundation, then NYX green powder on top to set everything and reduce redness.

When I received this bottle of Dior Backstage foundation to try out, I just slapped it on with my fingers to see if the shade matched. No prep, no primer, nothing, just fooling around at home. Then I took this photo, which looks like I put so much time and effort into styling. NOPE! That’s how great this foundation is. I can’t even imagine what kind of airbrushed look I’d get if I used makeup brushes and some effort, but I’m too lazy to find out, and this look is already amazing enough to me!

My shade is 2WO – 2 Warm Olive.

What is your favorite foundation brand? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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