Best of Beauty: Valentino Donna Born in Roma Perfume

For the past year and a half, my signature scent has been Calvin Klein Eternity Now for women. I love Calvin Klein fragrances. They are clean, crisp and not too overpowering. However, I’ve been in the mood to try something a little stronger, with a scent that won’t wear off in just a few short hours.

When I had the opportunity to try out Valentino’s new Valentino Donna Born in Roma perfume, I jumped at the chance! First of all, I couldn’t get enough of the bottle. Designed to look like the iconic Valentino Rockstud shoe (which, incidentally, is the shoe I’m wearing at my upcoming wedding), this bottle looks amazing on my dresser.

Second, the notes are right up my alley. I love jasmine and bourbon vanilla, two of the most prominent scents in this perfume. The perfume also includes notes of pink pepper, accords and a”woody overdose, whatever that means. Simply put, it smells amazing.

I tried out this perfume extensively for you, dear reader! I tried it in the morning, before yoga, after yoga, before bed, before leaving the house, etc. In all circumstances I found that the fragrance is incredibly long-lasting. Despite becoming absolutely drenched in sweat during yoga, pilates and rowing, the perfume stayed on. I could smell it on my wrists every time I switched positions – especially in downward dog.

This scent is ideal for someone who likes their fragrance to be noticeable, and last all day long. To be completely honest, it lasts almost TOO long for me – I worried about my scent being overbearing when around people! However, that’s definitely a good problem to have, as opposed to having the fragrance wear off too early.

Valentino Donna Born in Roma is also one of those unique fragrances that can be used by women of all ages. It’s fun and fresh, but also sophisticated. There’s none of that “old lady”┬áscent, though, that comes with so many designer perfumes.

All in all, I definitely recommend this perfume to anyone looking for a new signature scent, and I’ll definitely keep rocking it. Maybe I’ll refrain from using it before going to the yoga studio, though.

Disclosure: I received this item complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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