California Love Necklace from Cents of Style

I love my new California Love necklace from Cents of Style!

california love 1I found a LivingSocial deal that made the necklace drop in price from $24.95 to just $12, with free shipping.

However, now that I have the necklace, I realize that $24.95 is actually a really good price to pay for the quality of this piece. The necklace is brushed silver, with an 18 silver chain, a hollow California state outline and a brushed gold heart charm.

I have so much state pride – I want to wear it everywhere! You can order yours HERE.

But Cents of Style doesn’t just favor Californians. They have one for every single state. The best part is that shipping is always free!


This blog post is not associated with Cents of Style in any way. I received no compensation for writing this review, and I paid for my own California state necklace.



california love 2

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