Current Obsession: Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce

As an avid cook, I recognize the importance of spices, herbs and sauces to adding that extra flavor and personality to a dish. So I was excited to try a collection of hot sauces from Gringo Bandito, a local Orange County hot sauce brand founded by The Offspring lead singer Dexter Holland.

I decided to really put these hot sauce flavors to the test. I grilled up some plain cheese quesadillas for me and Sean, then we taste-tested each flavor – twice – on quesadilla slices. It was highly scientific.

Below are our rankings!

1) Spicy Yellow (Yellow bottle)
2) Original (Red bottle)
3) Green Sauce (Green bottle)
4) Super Hot (Orange bottle)

1) Spicy Yellow (Yellow bottle)
2) Super Hot (Orange bottle)
3) Green Sauce (Green bottle)
4) Original (Red bottle)

We both agreed that Spicy Yellow – which also happens to be Gringo Bandito’s newest flavor – was our favorite. It was flavorful with a kick, but not too spicy.

We also agreed that Green Sauce was our #3 pick.

However, I thought that Super Hot (orange bottle) was WAY too hot, and that Original (red bottle) had good flavor, while Sean’s taste buds told him the exact opposite.

You can try the flavors for yourself here.

Do you like to add hot sauce to your food? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

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