Current Obsession: Hard Frescoes

Last summer, hard seltzers like White Claw, Truly’s and Henry’s hit the market, and the booze industry has never been the same.

Men and women everywhere are bringing cases of spiked La Croix on boats, to lake days, to the beach, to BBQs and more. Hard seltzer has effectively solved the problem of what to drink that’s light and refreshing and not too heavy in the hot summer weather.

I’m a huge fan of sparkling seltzers, but the brands on the market still don’t really satisfy me. For one, I hate the thin, watery, seltzer aftertaste of even the most delicious flavors. Second, I can down a dozen of these and barely feel anything. That’s fine when I’m just chilling on the lake, but not if I’m actually trying to get a little buzz on that day.

When I got the opportunity to taste test new hard seltzer brand Hard Frescoes, I jumped at the opportunity. I couldn’t wait to see what this brand brought to the table. However, my expectations were that they would be about the same as all the other brands.

BOY was I wrong! One sip of Hard Frescoes Hibiscus drink and my face screwed up. I was not prepared for the level of flavor! It tasted so sweet, but not “biting” sweet like, say, a Smirnoff Ice or Mike’s Hard. It went down refreshingly, and didn’t have that weird seltzer taste!

My friend and I broke these out for a recent pool day. Our favorite flavor was by far Guava Citrus, followed by Hibiscus. We were not sent the Tamarind flavor to try. We did not like the Cucumber Lime flavor, because it is VERY cucumber-y, and we’re just not fans of cucumber.

Fourth of July weekend starts tomorrow and we’re panicking because we drank all the Hard Frescoes already!

Luckily for us, there’s a handy store locator on the site that let us find a store near us.

Have you tried the Hard Frescoes brand? What is your favorite brand of sparkling seltzer? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received Hard Frescoes drinks to review. All opinions are my own.

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