Brilliant Boutique: Honeyz

I’m always on the lookout for cool new boutiques to shop at. Readers of my blog know my love for mass / fast fashion brands like Charlotte Russe, and how the proliferation of stores makes them so easy to get last-minute outfits at!

But I always prefer to support smaller businesses over corporations when I can. Honeyz is a UK online boutique for women’s clothing that focuses on runway looks and the latest trends at affordable prices. I’m intrigued, tell me more!

Well, because Honeyz is based in the UK (but also ships to the US and Australia), their items are soooo British. The British are known for being super unique in their style. From big, bold prints to lots of leather, plenty of bare midriffs and silhouettes that push the boundaries, UK fashion girls have a distinctive style.

This coordinating “VIP Contour Co/Ord” outfit set is part of Honeyz? new VIP by Vicky Pattison line. This new line is”flirty, girly and great for everyone, featuring the season’s must-have pieces on the edgier end.

I love the super-thick tweed material of this outfit – even though it also weighs like 100 pounds – and how high-quality it is. I’m a sucker for houndstooth patterns and skirts/dresses with pockets so basically this outfit set was made for me.

I love the coordinating two-piece trend because you can get so many different outfits out of one set! You can wear the two pieces together. You can pair the crop top with black pants, a solid black high-waisted pencil skirt or jeans. You can try a black crop top or t-shirt with the skirt. The possibilities are endless!

To go off the super-British vibe this outfit conveys, I styled this outfit with a funky purse from British designer Betsey Johnson. The British also rock the best boots – these black suede ankle booties are from Charlotte Russe. The silver and gold spiky bangle is from Karen London, and the rings are from Tiffany’s and Wanderlust + Co., respectively.

Do you ever wear British designers? Is their look too bold for you, or a cool way to have fun with fashion? Let me know in the comments!

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