Current Obsession: On-the-Go Wine with GOVERRE

Wine is great. Wine whenever, wherever you want it, is even better.

If you watch Shark Tank, you’ll have seen GOVERRE, a portable wine glass that you can take with you anywhere! GOVERRE founders Shannon and Regan bonded over their love of great wine and their hatred of crappy plastic cups. So they decided to invent GOVERRE so they could take their love of wine outside in the beautiful SoCal sunshine.

As someone who’s always outdoors, boating, floating or off-roading, bringing refreshing alcoholic beverages with me is a priority. But it’s always a struggle. Is there ice? Do we have cups? Will the glass break on the boat? Does this sippy cup lid seal properly? Will the plastic SOLO cup make my drink taste terrible? How do I drink this and not spill all over?

While GOVERRE is glass (aka don’t take it on a boat unless you are going to hold on to it very carefully the entire time), it’s also perfect for outdoor outings. Its silicone grip helps you hold on to the glass, and helps keep your drink nice and cold. The drinkable lid makes your beverage sealable and portable.

Also, GOVERRE comes in lots of different colors, from purple to gray, hot pink, orange, turquoise, lavender, yellow, peach and green, so you and your friends won’t ever confuse your drink for someone else’s again.

I took my favorite red wine on-the-go in Parker, Arizona. I loved sipping on my drink while chilling in the Colorado River. When I finished, my GOVERRE floated so I didn’t have to take it back to shore until I was ready! (Do not try this with a drink in it? it only floats when empty!).

Shop my GOVERRE glass here.

Where would you take a portable wine glass? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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