Current Obsession: Splendies

I’m a huge fan of underwear. Lately, I have had it UP TO HERE with Victoria’s Secret. I have been Victoria’s biggest fan for over a decade. I receive all the emails, I’m first in line for the 7 / $28 panty parties, I own 15 swimsuits ($$$), I refuse to wear any other bras, my signature scent is Pure Seduction, I WILL spend more money on things I don’t need so I can reach $75 and get a “free” tote bag’ should I go on?

Yet lately I’ve been nothing but disappointed with the quality of Victoria’s Secret’s underwear. I own pairs that I purchased FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL that are still in good condition and wearable. Yet, buy a new lace thong now, and it will unravel within 2 or 3 washes. Given the high prices of VS underwear, and the quality it USED to have, I’m sad to say that I’ve begun exploring other options.

Splendies is a solution to my problem. Splendies is a subscription service that delivers 3 pairs of underwear right to your front door every month. Select your size and your style (all thongs, no thongs or surprise) and voila!

I love that Splendies offers two subscription packages: Splendies (sizes small through XL) and Volupties (sizes 1XL – 3XL) so there truly is something for everyone. It’s a great breakaway from the stick-thin, all-white, skin-and-bones waifs that Victoria’s Secret thinks are sexy now. I absolutely love the body-positive vibe of Splendies.

Plus, you get to choose your price based on your plan. A 12-month subscription is only $13 a month, but you can also choose 6-month ($13.33) and 3-month ($13.50) subscriptions (paid in full at checkout). You can also subscribe month-to-month and cancel anytime for $13.99 a month. Being a diva on a budget and a huge bargain hunter, I love the pricing flexibility.

I opted for the all-thong package because I am very picky about underwear and I like to be comfortable. I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the white pair – it’s the first pair I wear out of the clean laundry every time! The satiny navy thong is also a favorite. I absolutely love the color of the mint green lace thong, but it’s not the most comfortable, so I save it for special occasions when I want to feel particularly sexy.

But if you love other styles, you’ll still love Splendies. Each month has a theme, which is so cute and creative. Check out the past boxes here.

And if you’re obsessed with a pair and want it in every color? Order it here with no subscription necessary.

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