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If my entire blog category “Diva on a Budget” hasn’t clued you in, I’m a sucker for a good bargain. I love clothes and shoes and jewelry and beauty products, and I want all of it. The more the better. I’m not a buy-one-designer-dress-and-wear-it-to-death kind of woman. I’m more of a try-every-trend-at-a-fast-fashion-store-then-toss-it kind of woman.

That’s why is a pretty cool site. This Chinese web store has literally any item you could ever be looking for, from clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags to cell phones and accessories, home items, toys, business items, gardening supplies and even motorcycles (?).

The selection can totally be overwhelming, but luckily you can sort within each category by “hot”, new, number of votes, high price and low price. I tackled the women’s clothing section and ultimately had to just pick some pieces because otherwise I could have been on there for weeks adding items to my cart.

ToSave is a resource I now plan to use whenever I need something cute & cheap.

Want something to slip over your swimsuit this summer that’s cute but can also get wet? Try this.

Tired of spending $$$$ on just a tiny big of fabric at Victoria’s Secret? Give this a go.

In desperate need of a new wardrobe for summer but running low on cash? Find basic solid items and order them in every color.

It’s true that you get what you pay for, though. These items are cheap for a reason – they’re not made with the utmost quality. My plaid dress has sleeves that are a little too short, and my red dress developed a hole after not too long (luckily it was on the seam, so I was able to stitch it up). These are not items that are going to be investment pieces or even that will last very long.

But it’s simple to think of reasons why a fast-fashion, throwaway site might be a lifesaver to your wallet:

  • You prefer quantity over quality
  • You want to try out a new trend, but aren’t sure if you’ll like it or if it will be flattering on your body type
  • You’re looking for basic pieces to mix in with other items in your wardrobe (like plain rompers or solid t-shirts)
  • You’re attending a themed event and don’t want to invest in something you’ll never wear again
  • You fall in love with something and you just want to treat yourself!

Next time you need to buy something, look it up on first and save some $$$$ (for more shopping, duh!).

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