Fun Weekend Ideas Friday: Bar Lubitsch

Last weekend I was out with some friends in West Hollywood for a friend’s birthday. We had fun at Baby Blues BBQ and the Surly Goat. But when the group decided to go home and play drinking games there instead (it was raining pretty consistently), my girlfriend and I decided to stay out and go dancing at Bar Lubitsch.

I had never been to Bar Lubitsch but have always heard great things. Plus, I was told they play 80s and 90s hip-hop and rap, which is my favorite kind of music. And best of all, there’s a dance floor – something (sadly) very rare in LA nightlife.

Alexandra and I headed over. The line moved really quickly – maybe it was less crowded because it was raining. But the inside was still super packed and a little claustrophobic!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.13.42 PM

After grabbing a beer and randomly running into people I knew, we headed upstairs to the dance floor and started to get down. The most important thing to know about Bar Lubitsch is that it is really going for the “club” vibe…meaning that the kinds of guys it attracts are also very clubby. So girls, if you don’t want to grind up on random guys, just know that you’ll spend much of the night trying to fight off advances.

Other than that, the atmosphere was fun and not too stuck-up. We danced for hours! By the time we finally left at closing time, my legs were killing me. I would definitely return for some great music and dancing.


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