Getting Crafty – Felt Ornaments

Something about the holidays puts me in a creative mood! I love raiding Pinterest for cute Christmas crafts.

This year, I’m sharing one of my favorite crafts that anyone can do. That’s right – minimal crafting and sewing involved!

These felt ornaments are a great gift idea, a fun activity for family and friends to do together and a memory on the tree for years to come.

All you need is:
Pillow fluff/stuffing
Decorations (buttons, sequins, bells, etc.)

1) Choose a color of felt and draw out your pattern. You can make anything – stars and gingerbread men, like I did, or snowflakes, bells, Santas, etc. I’m not a great drawer, so I used Christmas cookie cutters to draw my patterns!

2) Cut out two identical patterns.

3) Sew 3/4 of the pattern together.

4) Stuff pillow fluff/stuffing into the ornament between the two pieces.

5) Sew the ribbon in an oval so that you can hang it on a tree, and tuck the two ends inside the ornament.

6) Sew up the remaining 1/4 of the ornament, making sure you add stitches across the ribbon to keep it in place.

7) Now to decorate! Add whatever you’d like to make the ornament your own. And you’re done!

What is your favorite Christmas craft? Let me know in the comments!

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