Getting Crafty: Glitter Pinecones

After I finish all my Christmas crafting and decorating, it’s like there is a big arts and crafts void left in my life. From snowflakes to ornaments to gifts, there is always something cute to make during the winter holidays! Then January rolls around and there are no more holidays until Easter. What to do??

Glitter Pinecones 9

These glitter pinecones are great for Christmastime, but they’re also just plain wintery! They are the perfect craft to leave out from December until March. Best of all, they’re very easy to make.

Glitter Pinecones 2

All you need are pinecones, regular Elmer’s school glue and glitter!

Glitter Pinecones 3

If there are pine trees near you, you can go out for a walk and collect your own pinecones. Otherwise, craft stores sell them for fairly cheap. These cinnamon-scented pinecones were fairly cheap at JoAnn’s.

Glitter Pinecones 4

You can choose any color of glitter for your pinecones (even hot pink if you so desire!). But for a super wintery feel, I made half the pinecones silver and half white.

Glitter Pinecones 5

All you do is squeeze glue onto the fronds? leaves? whatever they are called, and then pour glitter on the wet glue. Shake off excess glitter and let the pinecones dry overnight. In the morning, shake off excess glitter again and you’re good to go!

Glitter Pinecones 6

I put some pinecones in a basket as a centerpiece for the dining room table, and placed others individually around the apartment. You can display them any way you like. They also make great winter or Christmas gifts!


Glitter Pinecones 7



Glitter Pinecones 8


Glitter Pinecones 10

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