Getting Crafty: Mongrammed Felt Notebooks

I love making gifts for people, rather than just going out and buying them. I feel like this is so much more personal.

You know what else is personal? Monograms. These monogrammed felt notebooks are not only personal and adorable, but they are super easy and affordable to make. Here’s how!

felt notebooks 7

You need:

  • Felt for notebooks
  • Different color/pattern of felt for monogrammed letter
  • A notebook (non-spiral)
  • Glue Stick
  • Monogrammed letter (I usually find a font I like on Word and print it out)
  • Needle and Thread (optional)

The easy way:

JoAnn’s (and other fabric stores) sell felt that has adhesive on the back of it. Simply peel off the back sheet and stick it on to your notebook! Then trim the edges to fit the notebook.

felt notebooks 2

You can do the same thing for the monogrammed letter. Simply trace the letter onto adhesive felt, peel and stick on to the notebook. And you’re done!

felt notebooks 4
A notebook made using two sheets of adhesive felt


The hard way/creative way:

I love stitching the monograms onto the felt, because the little stitches look so cute and crafty. For these notebooks, I use non-adhesive (aka regular) sheets of felt.


The same rules apply: Trace and cut out a monogrammed letter from a piece of felt. Then, take the piece of felt you want to be on the notebook and align the letter to the bottom right corner. Choose a flattering yet contrasting shade of thread for sewing (you want to be able to see the stitches, as they are so cute!).

The stitches are so cute
The stitches are so cute

Then, sew on the monogram. Be careful to make your stitches large enough to see, yet as uniform as possible. This can be tricky with such a small item.

Sew on the letter BEFORE gluing it to the notebook
Sew on the letter BEFORE gluing it to the notebook

After your letter is stitched on, grab your glue stick and attach the sheet of felt to the notebook. Wait at least an hour for the felt to fully adhere to the notebook, then trim the edges to fit.

My giraffe notebook!
My giraffe notebook!

And you’re done! An easy, affordable homemade gift for a loved one, coworker, friend or even yourself.


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