Getting Crafty: Moustache Photo Props

Usually when my boyfriend Ramsay and I throw a party at our house, we have a theme. As I work in PR, my first instinct is to create a step-and-repeat for people to take photos at – that way, we have a photo album of everyone who attended having a great time. (A separate blog post on how to make kick-ass step-and-repeats at home will follow).

For our recent housewarming party, there was simply no time! We have tons of large, empty white walls now which will be perfect for step-and-repeats in the future. But as we literally finished setting everything up just the day before, and as we wanted to show off the house as it is, not with construction paper all over the walls, we had to get creative.

Too much silliness.
Too much silliness.

Ramsay had the idea to make silly paper moustaches on sticks. That way people could pose with the moustaches of their choice, take them home as souvenirs and be encouraged to take fun photos.

Ramsay was in charge of creating the moustache templates. As he has quite the epic moustache himself, I trusted him with this very important task. He created 6 different moustache templates, from the traditional bushy shape to handlebars and even a bracket (he said the computer programmers at the party would understand).


Next, I traced these moustache templates onto construction paper. I chose light brown, dark brown, black, yellow and a few hot pink, because why not. After I cut them out, the question was how to mount them? The CVS next to our house didn’t sell popsicle sticks, and we were in a time crunch.

Sillier moustache templates
Sillier moustache templates.

Luckily, Ramsay is very resourceful. He found a pack of 100 BBQ skewers for kabobs and we bought those. I carefully cut off the sharp tips of the skewers, and then taped the wooden sticks to the back of each moustache. They turned out great!

Cutting away
Cutting away.

All in all, we created about 80 moustaches, more than enough for everyone to pose with their favorite and take multiple home. And the entire process took less than 2 hours!

So next time you’re in need of a fast and easy photo prop idea, try this out. It literally could not have been simpler, and the resulting photos were so fun!


So much construction paper facial hair
So much construction paper facial hair.

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