Getting Crafty: Snowflake Bar

As I gear up for Ramsay and my’s 2nd annual Hot People in Ugly Sweaters party this Saturday, the crafting is escalating. Although I have already made several step-and-repeats for photos, I still want to decorate the rest of the apartment.

I bought this pack of 36 foam snowflakes from JoAnn’s for just a few bucks. When I bought them, I had no idea what I would use them for, but figured a creative idea would come to me.

snowflake bar 1

Sure enough, these 18 glittery white snowflakes and 18 plain white snowflakes were just enough to cover the bar area of our apartment! When we have our party, the bar will be very busy of people getting drinks and snacks and hanging out. When they walk up to the bar, I want there to be something special there!

snowflake bar 2

All I did was tape the snowflakes onto the walls of the bar, and I was done! Super-easy. If you are feeling slightly more creative, you can decorate the plain white snowflakes however you’d like (silver glitter came to my mind).

snowflake bar 3


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