Getting Crafty: Spider Ice Cubes

If you’re looking for a quick and cheap Halloween craft that is also pretty spooky, I’ve got one for you here from Skinny Mom.

The finished result
The finished result

Spider ice cubes are super creepy – what’s worse than looking down in your drink and seeing a big black spider?? Well, at least in this case you know they are fake. But these creepy-crawly ice cubes are still an easy and fun way to spook your guests at any Halloween get-together. And your only expense is plastic spiders, which I found for 99 cents a package at Party City.

Ice cube trays
Ice cube trays


Cheap supplies
Cheap supplies

First, lay out your ice cube trays. If you have small spiders like I do, you’ll be doing this in 2 steps. Drop one spider in each ice cube tray, then use a glass to fill each mold halfway to the top with water. If you have one big spider, fill the mold all the way up to the top with water – you’ll be done once the tray freezes.

Ice 3

Freeze the trays until you have ice. The spider may be poking out of your ice cube. That’s ok – you’re not done yet.

Ice 4
Fill halfway with water

Next, add another spider to each mold and fill to the top with water. Then freeze again. The idea here is that there are 2 spiders embedded in two different parts of the ice cube, so as it melts and the spiders detach from the ice cubes, you’ll still have plenty of trapped spiders left.

Frozen with 1 spider..
Frozen with 1 spider…


TWO spiders!
TWO spiders!

Now voila! Put them in a big bowl for display – you don’t want anyone to ACTUALLY accidentally think there is a spider in their drink after all!

Creepy crawlies
Creepy crawlies.


Note: This craft is NOT suitable for households with small children, or super-drunk people. As the ice melts, the spiders WILL just float in your drink. And this can present a very real choking hazard. Always make sure people using these ice cubes are old enough/sober enough to remember to take out the plastic spiders before consuming their drink.

Really, this craft is just for the shiggles/display anyway!

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