In My Kitchen: Caskata Tableware

I absolutely love plates. It seems like a weird hobby to have, but as a teenager, I collected pie plates from wherever I could get my hands on. Cute plastic themed pie plates (like”summer” or”fall leaves” from Ralph’s? Gotta have it. Oh, you’re going to Home Goods or Pier One? Better pick me up a unique pie plate from the discount rack.

Today, I don’t have anywhere near the kitchen space or disposable income to keep up this silly hobby. But if I could, my kitchen cabinets would be filled with collections of beautiful and fun plates.

So upon one look at Caskata Artisanal Home‘s website, you’ll understand why it took me hours to choose what to order. Caskata Tableware has dozens of beautiful and unique collections, ranging from “aquarium and sea life” to arbor, beach towel stripe, blue Lucy octopus, bohemian paisley, crabs & nets, nautical charts, shimmer, Hawthorne gilt, lobster, horseshoe crab, wicker white and more.

I eventually decided upon this set of 6 canap’s plates from the “Ships and Shells¬†collection. Most of the designs are incredibly east-coast based. For example, lobsters, crabs & nets, horseshoe crabs and more. The nautical charts are also sailing maps for the east coast. However, some of the designs definitely translate to the west/best coast, such as the ships & shells, beach towel stripe and sea life collections. If I could have both the blue and red beach towel stripe collections, I would be one happy camper with some jam-packed kitchen cabinets.

I love cooking food almost as much as I love serving and presenting it. While plain white dishes work best for my Instagram food photography, these little shell canap’s plates make my heart happy. There’s art underneath the art of the food!

But the best part about Caskata is that all pieces are made right here in the USA – and my readers know I like to support homegrown small businesses whenever I can.

So if you’re getting married, know someone who is getting married, in the market for new plates or just have a weird plate collection fetish like me, check out Caskata!

Disclosure: I received these items complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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