In My Kitchen: Grilled Cheese and Fries

There’s nothing like a perfectly-grilled Grilled Cheese to make the taste buds happy and bring back great memories of childhood.

The problem is, so many people try to “jazz up” grilled cheese or make it more “grown-up” or socially acceptable. I don’t WANT four stinky cheeses, and I certainly don’t want healthy wheat bread. If you’re going to have grilled cheese, you gotta have the good stuff – Kraft American Cheese, white bread and plenty of butter.

You’ll need (Serves 1): 


1. Preheat oven and follow instructions on package to cook French Fries.

2. While the French Fries bake, heat skillet over low heat. Add butter and melt.

3. When butter has melted, place slice of sourdough bread in butter. Top with 3 slices American cheese and other slice of bread.

4. Grill slowly, over low heat to avoid burning the bread but still melting the cheese.

5. When this side is golden brown, add additional butter to skillet then flip over sandwich to cook the other side.

6. Remove from heat, slice in half and serve with French fries. Voila, you’re a kid again (I wish).

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