In My Kitchen: Sweet Earth Awesome Burger

I’ve always hated the taste of meat, so becoming a vegetarian at a young age was no big deal for me. Grilled cheese, potato tacos, bean & cheese burritos, cheese pizza, pasta without meatballs, all tasted amazing to me and didn’t need any kind of meat or meat substitute.

Even now, I opt for veggie burgers that taste like chicken, or are made of veggies and aren’t supposed to taste like the real thing. But when Sweet Earth asked if I wanted to try their new Awesome Burger, I just had to give it a shot!

Sweet Earth is one of my favorite brands. Their vegetarian and vegan frozen foods are second to none in taste (except maybe Gardein) and certainly second to none in terms of overall range of products to choose from.

While their Teriyaki, Mediterranean and Santa Fe veggie burgers are flavorful meat substitutes, their new Awesome Burger is intended to be a “juicy, meaty” meat replacement.

I grilled up two of these burgers for dinner one night using a bit of canola oil on a nonstick skillet until they got some char on them. I added sharp cheddar cheese at the end. Then I placed the patties and cheese on fresh brioche buns with spicy brown mustard, cherry tomatoes and some lettuce.

I cannot rave about these burgers enough! There was just enough meaty flavor to satisfy carnivores, while the delicious herbs and spices and texture satisfied the vegetarian. And the burger WAS juicy! I thought that would weird me out, but I scarfed down the burger so fast I barely noticed. Best of all, the patties have 26 grams of protein each, so they’ll keep you just as full as a regular burger.

I served our burgers with some rosemary chips from Off the Eaten Path. My only negative review is that there are only 2 burgers in a package! My husband wanted the burgers again for dinner the next night, but we were all out. I can’t wait to grill them up again soon!

Disclosure: I received this item complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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