My Top 5 Getaway Essentials

If you’re anything like me, you pack way too much for trips. A carry-on on a plane? Uh, not going to happen. I pack 3-4 bags minimum for a weekend in Vegas. I’ll show up to my parents? house for just a few hours and bring 2 bags! Why? I don’t know. I always think that I’ll need so many more outfits and shoes and necklaces and books and…anything…than I really do. That’s why I’ve decided to narrow my insane packing list down to just a few getaway essentials. Here is my top 5 list for a trip to the beach:

Getaway Essentials
1) Target beach bag


I found this pink and white striped beach bag in the dollar section of Target! No, it wasn’t $1 (it was $5) but it’s still an amazing bag, considering how cute it is and how well-made it is. The bag is made of sturdy canvas, with thick rope handles that would take A LOT to fray. Even better, the bag has a liner!


I was shocked to find such a high-quality bag in the dollar section, given that I have seen similar bags at Forever 21 and H&M for pricetags of $30 and up. The pink and white pattern is cute and subtle, and very east coast.


2) Victoria’s Secret Bikini

Every woman wants to feel hot and confident at the beach when she is baring her skin in front of tons of other people. That’s why I firmly believe in buying an expensive, well-fitting bathing suit that you feel sexy and at-ease in (or, at least as at-ease as you can be in a bikini). Victoria’s Secret bikinis are not cheap – this top was $65 and the bottoms $25 – but they are figure-flattering and well worth it.


I rarely wear matching bikini bottoms, preferring to wear complimentary pieces but not matchy-matchy pieces. But I just love the strap details on both the top and bottom! The front has a strap just below the underwire, and the bottoms have straps on the sides. These cute details need to be shown off.


3) Forever 21 Beach Sandals


Duh, sandals at the beach. However, although I guess technically flip-flops are acceptable at the beach, I still want nothing to do with them. I don’t think flip-flops should be worn in public, so even when I’m heading to the beach or pool, I still try to put on cute sandals. I love these brown and gold braided sandals from Forever 21 because they are so beachy. The braided ties are a bit of a hassle when it’s hot and you just want to slide something on, but damn are they cute and well worth it.


4) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone


My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is my BFF. Coming from a Galaxy 5 and a Galaxy 4, the Note 5 is a million steps forward with innovation and tech. I love the large size, the stylus, the way I can design it to be super minimalistic, how fast it is, I could go on and on. I never go to the beach without my phone because it can be used for so many things – to meet up with friends on the sand, plan after-beach drinks, listen to music via Spotify Premium and, of course, post cute beach pics on Instagram!


5) Mimosas!


Last but not least, you need mimosas for the perfect beach day. My favorite thing to do on weekends is to go to brunch by the beach, indulge in bottomless mimosas for a few hours, and then hit the beach. After being cooped up in an office all week, being outside for meals and for play is crucial. And mimosas are so perfect for summer. They’re light and refreshing and many places will serve you as many as you can handle for a two hour period during brunch. That’s my kind of drink.


Bonus #6 Item: Target Beach Towel

I love the towels from Target. They are super duper cheap, absorbent and cute. If you get a bath towel with a stripe on it, like this one, it looks like a beach towel but it’s a fraction of the cost of”beach towels”.

Getaway Essentials Infographic

The kind folks at HomeAway designed this graphic for me and my 5 getaway essentials. Isn’t it cute?! I can see myself sitting on that beach, watching the waves, listening to some sweet tunes and sipping on an ice cold mimosa.

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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