OOTD: 80s Barbie

a She comes in every skin and hair color. Now she also comes in different heights and weights. She has the coolest wardrobe. She can be anything she wants to be – and in fact she’s had 100s of careers in her short lifetime.

This outfit says “80s Barbie’ to me. I wear it all the time because I feel confident and pretty in it!

2016-02-17 22.41.18

This black high-neck crop top is from Forever 21. I’m so in love with this crop top that I bought it in every color (and multiples in black). The high neck is so subtly sexy, and very unique. And the tank cut shows off my arms.

2016-02-17 22.41.56

I paired the top with my favorite dark high-waisted jeans, also from Forever 21. These jeans are a steal at just $15, and they have such a flattering fit.

2016-02-17 22.42.42

To continue the fun with proportions, I added these black ankle booties from Payless. I love how the neck of the top is high, there’s a crop top midriff, and the jeans are a little”flood-y, showing a sliver of skin between the pants and boots.

2016-02-17 22.40.44

With such interesting proportions, you need an accessory to tie everything together. This teal and silver necklace from Forever 21 is on a long chain, so it drags the eye down. My silver ring is from Tiffany’s.

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