OOTD: 80s Mom Jeans

As you can probably tell by now, there is an absence of denim on Diaries of a Domestic Diva. That is because denim is my least favorite material. I know that most people are going to strongly disagree with me here – denim is such an American wardrobe staple that it’s become acceptable to wear it to work and to important meetings, and to convert it into skirts, jackets, button-downs and more.

I’ve just never been a fan! I’m not a fan of pants in general, as I feel smothered when I have materials on my legs, and I really enjoy my legs (and showing them off). But something about denim just doesn’t do it for me – maybe it’s how casual it is, and how anyone can buy a pair off the rack and wear it out. No styling or fashion know-how necessary.

Rockin the Aztec crop top (Forever 21), rope belt and gladiator sandals (Target)
Rockin the Aztec crop top (Forever 21), rope belt and gladiator sandals (Target) during Cinco de Mayo

That’s why I tend to fall for funky denim trends like distressed denim or colored jeans.But this high-waisted jeans trend really takes the cake for uniqueness and fun in my book, and I just have to tell y’all about my awesome pair from H&M.

I searched far and wide for this majestic pair of 80s mom jeans. Because high-waisted jeans are super flattering on like, no one, it’s hard to find them in stores that cater to “the norm” body types like Forever 21 and the Gap. That’s why I was so discouraged that I almost didn’t attempt H&M – until I remembered that those funky Europeans are often willing to go out on a limb for style.

It was quite the hunt through H&M, and required the help of several salespeople, but I eventually found 2 pairs of high-waisted jeans! One was super light and acid-washed (too far!!) and one was the pair I eventually bought. A lighter, vintage wash, but relatively even all over, these jeans hit high up on the waist and taper down on the ankles. A more 80s, unfashionable new-mom pair of jeans was never to be found. I instantly fell in love.

Fun with proportions - high jeans, low scooped-back shirt (from H&M)
Fun with proportions – high jeans, low scooped-back shirt (from H&M)

I know that they aren’t the most flattering pair of jeans, but I just love the thrill of pushing the limits of fashion a bit. I love what’s on the mannequins at Forever 21 as much as the next girl. But half the fun of fashion is experimenting with new things, going through trends and just saying “fuck it, I’ll never be this young and hot again” and buying the awesome, yet not-perfect-fitting pair of jeans.

Moral of the story live in the moment (or in the 80s, it’s always acceptable to live in the 80s) and buy something unique. Those stares are all people admiring your chutzpah and wishing they were as cool as you (or maybe you have something in your teeth).


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