OOTD: A Yuppie in Springtime

There’s no rest for the weary yuppie, and springtime is no exception. Just because the weather gets warm doesn’t mean you can’t dress professionally. And it also means that you HAVE to get out of your cubicle and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather! (Here I am being a hypocrite and not practicing what I preach. Do as I say and not as I do, dear readers. #PRLife).

2016-05-03 00.02.32

This pretty pink floral dress is from Japna”.It’s super-cute – I love the bold print. No dainty little wallflowers over here!

2016-05-02 23.59.42

The dress is a bit oversize, though. Rather than look like I’m swimming in a muumuu or a couch, I decided to steal this brown and beige rope belt from a Forever 21 dress I own and belt the dress. I really think the belt pulls the look together!

2016-05-03 00.00.17

Best yet, the rope in the belt is the perfect complement to these nude canvas wedges from Target”. The floral print is super prissy and the rope/canvas look is very down-to-earth. I love the juxtaposition here.

2016-05-03 00.00.54

To tie the outfit all together, I added this Celebutante gold and beige rope bracelet from Ettika. Again, beige rope – the third piece is the charm? The gold also makes the look a little fancier (complementing the dress) and ties in with the gold top zipper on the wedges.

2016-05-03 00.01.56

There’s being too matchy-matchy, and then there’s coordinating the perfect matching look! What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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