OOTD: Athleisure

Lately, this trend called athleisure has been taking over fashion. From the runways to the streets, sportswear and gym clothes are no longer just for working out. It all began a few years ago with the societal acceptance of wearing yoga pants out and about, and now it has escalated to sports bras, mesh items, spandex clothes and sneakers.

Being the opposite of a”casual” person, this is a trend I have been respectfully admiring from afar. I prefer to dress up rather than dress down. I’ve seen a lot of black and white colorblock items in stores I’ve gazed longingly at, and funky bold sportswear items meant for the streets that I knew I could never pull off.

So to integrate this trend, rather than jump right in, I dipped a toe in…to Adidas Superstar sneakers.

2015-09-02 22.14.26

Recently, every fashion blogger and street style star has been rocking the classic Adidas Superstar shoes. Clearly this is evidence that every trend does come back around (I’ve had many people come up to me nostalgic for the 1980s when these “shelltoes” first came out).

I was so excited to purchase my first pair of tennis shoes – you can check out my blog post HERE.

2015-09-02 22.15.15

Usually, I pair them with cute feminine dresses, florals, pink, etc. to make a girly statement. I love the juxtaposition of the sporty with the sweet.

But on this occasion, I decided to try athleisure for myself.

2015-09-02 22.13.50

I started with these silky high-waisted black shorts from Fashion Rush Clothing. They are so weird, I just had to have them. The high waist, the elastic band, the side zippers, the flared sides, what are they even?? They also seem pretty sporty to me, so I started here.

2015-09-02 22.15.46

Next, I toned it down a bit with a plain white tank top from H&M. White tank tops also have a sporty vibe, so there was that.

Last, to show that I really was not planning on going to the gym, I added this California state outline necklace from Cents of Style. After all, if you work out with a necklace on, you’ll get smacked in the face. It’s also a good homage to the place where athleisure all began (I think).

2015-09-02 22.14.51

How do you rock athleticwear for everyday? Let me know in the comments!

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