OOTD: Berry Picking

Our first venture outside in quarantine was to head to Temecula Berry Co. for some berry picking!

This was such a fun adventure, and an easy way to be socially distanced. Plus, blueberries are WAY easier to pick than apples (check out our strenuous spider-filled experience last year here). You simply lift up a branch, and chances are, there will be a big bunch of blueberries on it like a bunch of grapes. They fall off the vine and into your bucket so easily.

Even though it was a hot summer day, we went super early in the morning to be socially distanced, so I was still able to wear long sleeves. I love this cute white flowy dress. The fuchsia and teal colors are tribal-esque, and a color combination you don’t typically see in fashion. Plus the embroidery itself is adorable.

I wore white western ankle boots, mainly because I know close-toed shoes that can get dirty are crucial in a farm, but also because they add to the funky Western vibe of the dress! I felt a little bit like I was wearing a costume. But hey. Good fashion is supposed to take you out of your comfort zone, and it’s supposed to be fun!

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