OOTD: Black Leather Miniskirt

I’ve always had a particular thing for black (fake) leather. My liquid leather leggings from H&M (in another post to come) are one of my favorite items of clothing I’ve ever owned. I have several pairs of leather pants. I own tops with leather trim. I even have a pair of cuffed black leather shorts that are appropriate enough in cut and length to wear to work. Safe to say that black pleather is a wardrobe staple of mine.

But I’ve been missing one thing in particular – a great black leather skirt! So many of the black leather skirts and leather dresses I come across are a liiiittttle too dominatrix-y for me, especially if the skirt is a pencil skirt. However, this short, flippy miniskirt I found for just $6 at Forever 21 fits my leather skirt bill perfectly!

Sandals from Forever 21
Sandals from Forever 21.

This skirt is so versatile. I love the material – the pleather is super soft and comfortable. The cut is great. It hits a little higher on the waist, so that you can tuck in tops. The A-line cut flares out, making it cute, flirty and overall appropriate. The key to black leather is not to go too tight – or you risk looking like a wanna-be rockstar, someone stuck in the 80s or a hooker. This skirt screams fun and fashion-forward way more than it screams hooker. This makes it a win in my book.

Sandals and heart necklace from Forever 21

Because the skirt is already so funky, I’ve dressed it with this solid-colored bright blue t-shirt from H&M. I wanted the focus to be on the fun skirt. I’ve also worn this skirt with my favorite gray “Yes, I’m an Actual Cat. Meow. Now Go Away” long-sleeved crop top from Forever 21. The shiny black is the perfect compliment to the casual gray t-shirt. For nighttime, I’d pair the skirt with a simple black halter top or tank top, or perhaps even a white top. I’d still shy away from wearing a shiny or sparkly top, though, because the skirt is already so out there.

When winter hits, I’ll pair the skirt with a tucked-in slim-fitting black long-sleeved shirt, or perhaps a long-sleeved shirt in a dark solid color, like blue or purple. Again, nothing too flashy or oversize.

Shirt and sandals from Forever 21
Shirt, sandals and necklace from Forever 21.

And here is the most important rule to keep in mind when wearing leather clothes: Never, never, NEVER wear it with boots. Ever. We are going NOT-dominatrix, remember?

What is your favorite piece of leather clothing? How do you dress it to be fun and not scandalous? Let me know in the comments!

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