OOTD: Blue Suede Shoes

Ever since I was in the fifth grade and developed my love for Elvis Presley, I’ve wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. I’ve come across many a pair, from gigantic blue suede wedges to blue suede ballet flats. But none of the shoes looked like something one could actually get away with wearing, or that would actually GO with an outfit.

Blue Suede Shoes 2

Until one fortunate day, I met this lovely pair of blue suede wedges at Payless Shoesource. I fell in love immediately! These shoes are so well-built and are super comfy. They fit like a dream and make me taller, but they’re not so tall that they are hard to walk in.

Blue Suede Shoes 1

I love that the blue suede straps make a statement, but they’re not overwhelming. The neutral-colored straw base of the wedges are not only traditional for wedges, but they balance out the blue suede.

Blue Suede Shoes 4

I can already think of dozens of outfits to wear them with, from this plain blue t-shirt dress to plain white sundresses, blue tops and jeans, and more. Finally, my blue suede shoes dream has come true!

Blue Suede Shoes 3

Dress, H&M. Owl necklace, Forever 21.


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