OOTD: Burgundy Basics

If you read my blog, or keep up with fashion trends at all, you’ll know that burgundy/maroon is the color of the season. You can find it in t-shirts, skirts, dresses, rompers, and even suede ankle booties. You cannot go overboard with the burgundy this fall (that’s a lie, but you know what I mean).

I love that H&M added burgundy to its rotation of basics. H&M’s Basics collection is amazing – tank tops, tube tops, crew-cut t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts and skirts are all 2 for $10, super-soft and flattering. In other words, perfect. Now you can even get fall colors like burgundy, mustard and dusty blue.

Maroon skirt black tank top 1

This burgundy skirt was only $5 at H&M. I paired it with a black tank top, also from H&M, black and gold studded sandals from Forever 21 and a feminine gold charm necklace from Forever 21. This outfit literally takes minutes to pull together in the morning: solid burgundy + solid black + interesting accents/accessories. Done!

Maroon skirt black tank top 2


I also grabbed a super-soft burgundy v-neck t-shirt from H&M. (a post about how well it goes with my black leather skirt can be found HERE). The color has some black in it, so it’s a little more 3D than solid burgundy. I wear it with my flippy black leather skirt, as seen below, with plain black pencil skirts for work and with fun patterned skirts.

Maroon shirt black leather skirt 1

Heels, Payless Shoesource. Necklace, Forever 21.

Buying solid colors is the best way to pull together outfits because then you are free to mix and match colors, patterns, prints, fabrics, shoes and accessories. And using burgundy strategically shows how up-to-date you are with fashion!


Maroon skirt black tank top 3


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