OOTD: Button-Down and Cover-Up

Those hot summer days and warm summer nights are turning into lukewarm days and semi-chilly nights. My favorite way to keep cool while also not freezing to death is a thin 3/4 sleeve button-down – you’re covered up but the material is thin, so you’re also not overheating.
My favorite button-down blouses come from H&M. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, my boobs are too big for traditional button-downs. The spaces between the buttons open and gape, and don’t look any less awkward or noticeable when I safety-pin them closed. These H&M blouses, though, only have buttons down part of the blouse. And because they’re super-soft cotton, not whatever non-flexible fabric they make button-downs out of these days (polyester?), they skim over my boobs instead of strangle them.
In fact, this blouse is so often I have it in several different colors and patterns. This black and white palm frond print is super funky. It’s reminiscent of a summer beach cover-up, allowing you to daydream about vacations and tropical escapes while you’re stuck in your fluorescent-lit cubicle.
To pretend it’s still summer (it is in my mind, but this is not reflected in the weather), I paired the blouse with these black high-waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe. These shorts are so flattering and they’re comfier than most shorts.
Wearing a button-down with sandals would feel weird, so I opted for my favorite gold Sperrys. Boat shoes go with everything, and are especially appropriate if you’re trying to dress for the beach when you’re actually going to the office.
I kept jewelry simple with this gold giraffe necklace from J.Crew.

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