OOTD: Chenille Sweater

This winter, my wardrobe obsession is chenille. It all started with this sweater. A beautiful burgundy color, fun 3/4 sleeve bell sleeves, a funky scalloped hem? and this freaking uber soft chenille fabric.

This sweater is like being wrapped in an endless soft, warm hug. It’s like wearing a blanket. It’s like holding a just-groomed sleepy puppy. Should I go on?

There are too many itchy and rough sweaters out there. If it’s cold and I’m bundling up, I want to be cozy, damnit. Since finding this sweater, I’ve scoured the Internet for the best, softest chenille sweaters I can find and have been rocking them with absolutely no shame.

I paired this burgundy chenille sweater with black ripped jeans, black Moto boots and a burgundy/gold statement necklace for a Friendsgiving celebration. It felt festive, but it’s also an outfit I could wear on any given day this winter and feel put-together while also being cozy. A win-win situation.

Do you own any chenille? Let me know in the comments!

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