OOTD: Classic Chic for Work

As my one year anniversary of working at my job approaches, I think back to when I first started. I was so excited to begin this new position in Santa Monica! I went out and bought a new outfit that I could feel cute, confident and professional in.

Gray pants, baby pink tank, black and white heels

I started with these amazing gray pants from Target. I’m not a pants person, as anyone who regularly reads my blog has figured out by now. But these pants are really classic, super cute, a pretty color and REALLY comfortable. They’re not yoga pants, but they’re as close as you can come while still being able to label them”pants”.

I paired the pants with this baby pink lace button-down tank top from Fashion Rush that I bought quite some time ago, but don’t often wear for some reason. The top is sheer, so I layered a white cami from Forever 21 underneath. I love the delicate gold button accents on this top!

I wanted to keep the professional vibe going, but mix it up a little bit. I’m not the most corporate person – I prefer funky and unique items over the same old. So I love these black and white colorblock pumps from Payless! Not only are these heels super comfortable, but they’re really cute. The white heels are unexpected, while the black toes mean you can wear them for night or day. I love how they are professional while still making a statement.

Not to mention that they perfectly match my brand-new (at the time) quilted black and white purse from Payless, a “congratulations on the new job” gift from my mom! You really cannot go wrong with black and white together, as the combination is so classic but also fun.

I strolled in to my new office feeling a lot of things: excited, scared, nervous, grown-up. But above all I felt cute and confident in my outfit!


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