OOTD: Classic

Trendy fashion is super fun, and it can be freeing to dress in bold colors and styles. But classics are classics for a reason – neutral colors, pencil skirts, ballet flats and solids. I combined them here for a “classic” look that works for so many occasions.

I started with this nude ribbed pencil skirt from Forever 21. This skirt is one of my favorite items. It is so sleek and figure-flattering, yet completely conservative and professional for work. I like that the ribbed fabric makes it a little more interesting than if it were just solid material.

I paired the skirt with this plain white v-neck shirt from Target. I love Target’s basic t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts. They fit great and, even though they’re v-necks, don’t show cleavage. That makes them perfect for work. They’re a bit pricier than the tees at H&M and Forever 21, but they’re also made out of thicker cotton and last longer.

Now,”classic” doesn’t have to translate to “boring“. For shoes, I wore these baby pink and gold studded ballet flats from Fashion Rush Clothing. The ballet flats and baby pink fit in great with the outfit, and the studs jazz it up.

I wanted to call attention to the gold studs in the shoes, so I layered on gold jewelry. The layered gold chain necklace is from Charlotte Russe, and the gold bangle is from Ettika.

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