OOTD: Comfy Casual

Looking cute doesn’t have to come at the expense of being comfy. That’s why I love this outfit combination – a sleek crop top is sexy and oversize pants (WITH POCKETS) are perfect for lounging around.

2016-05-03 02.20.52

I started with this long sleeve black crop top from Forever 21. The sleek black fabric is a step up or five from ordinary cotton, upping the fancy-factor. These pants were a gift from my friend Sarah. I normally love showing off my legs, but there’s no denying that high-waisted, soft fabric oversize pants (WITH POCKETS) are incredibly cozy.

The best part about this outfit is that it looks nice enough to leave the house in. Whether you’re brunching with the girls, watching the game with your boyfriend, running errands or just being your cute self, it works.

2016-05-03 02.21.22

These black and straw wedges from Payless don’t hurt, either. They’re super comfy and up the fancy-factor, but the heel height is pretty low and they’re comfy to wear.

2016-05-03 02.22.27

You can make it even clearer to passersby that you’re not wearing pajamas by adding jewelry. This silver heart necklace is from Tiffany’s, is is my double-band right hand ring. The cat ring on my left hand is from Meowingtons.

2016-05-03 02.21.50

How do you look comfy and cute at the same time? Let me know in the comments!

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