OOTD: Country Cute in Fall

I’m a Big City Girl, born and raised, and that’s the way it’s going to stay! That being said, there are some country-inspired fashion items that I go crazy for. One of these things is boots, and other is lace dresses.?

I LOVE this chambray/denim and lace tank dress from Fashion Rush. It is just so precious. I love that it is denim-y but not overboard denim. I love that it buttons up the front (even though the gaping from my boobs isn’t the cutest). I love the collar – so classy. I love that it’s sleeveless – perfect for warm weather. I love the cream-colored lace. I love the length – short but a little longer than most dresses. And I love that there are belt loops for a nice brown belt.

Kick up your heels!
Kick up your heels!

This dress has a country vibe for sure. And this can be accentuated or played down based on how you accessorize it!

For a “I’m just pretending I’m from the country” look, which is most relevant for me, I paired the dress with these brown sandals from Forever 21. The brown is super country and matches the belt, while the gold studs say “fashion” and “urban”.


Blue Lace Dress 1


Brown Forever 21 Sandals

For a super-trendy fall look (or a hipster look, or a bohemian look, depending on how you see it), I added my awesome light brown suede fringe moccasin ankle booties from Target. These things are too cool, and fun to kick around and watch the fringe fly. In addition, they’re from Target, meaning they feel like you’re walking on clouds (Target shoes are THE comfiest shoes you can buy).Blue Lace Dress 3


Blue Lace Dress 2

And for a full-on As Country As It Gets look, there are always knee-high brown boots, like these ones from Fashion Rush.Blue Lace Dress 6


Blue Lace Dress 5


When it gets colder, I’ll add my burgundy leather jacket to the “City” look, my brown leather jacket to the “Trendy” look and my cream-colored grandpa cardigan to my “As Country As It Gets” look.

Belt from Forever 21.

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