OOTD: Curvacious

As a formally stick-thin woman, adjusting to new curves was really difficult. No more stealing clothes off the mannequins in stores, no more shirts that require a strapless bra (or no bra) and beware of a button-down shirt! Putting curves away in clothes is a long and thankless task.

However, what about those times when you want to show off the curve of your body? I was thinking about this, and decided to create an outfit that does just that. First, I put on this white lace skirt from Forever 21. I chose this item first because every time I wear it, I’m amazed by how much it accentuates my hips and booty. Sometimes this is scary, when I see photos of me from behind after the fact and find out that this is what I looked like. Other times it is fun to rock this look.


Next is this navy cotton long-sleeved crop top, also from Forever 21. The cotton material hugs my curves. The long sleeves hide my least favorite feature, and the higher cut of the top makes it so that there is no overwhelming cleavage.

2015-09-02 22.09.45

And of course, wearing a crop top when you’ve got a bigger bust and when you’re accentuating your wide hips with a miniskirt, is absolutely essential. Showing off a slim waist is the key to showing that you have an hourglass figure and that your curves aren’t overwhelming your body.

2015-09-02 22.09.15

Wedges/high heels are a great trick for curvy women. Heels not only elevate your butt and naturally stick it out for emphasis, but they make your legs look amazing – both slim and toned. These nude canvas wedges from Target are my favorite because they are super comfortable.

2015-09-02 22.08.49

To accentuate the gold zipper on the shoes, I opted for gold jewelry. This gold cuff ring is from Gorjana. It came in one of my Rocksbox sets and I just had to have it.

2015-09-02 22.08.30

Last but not least is this long gold chain necklace from Forever 21. I love this necklace because it accentuates my chest. After all, the long chain slides between your boobs, drawing the eye down into your cleavage. And it really ties the outfit together – it’s like the necklace is part of the top.


How do you rock your curves on your most confident and fabulous days? Let me know in the comments!

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