OOTD: Glammed-Up Grunge

I’m not exactly sure why this grunge-y, soft, plaid long-sleeved dress caught my eye at Forever 21, but it did. Maybe because it is so different from everything I usually wear! For whatever reason, I decided to buy it (on sale) and see how I could work it into my wardrobe using items I already owned.

Glammed Up Grunge 1

The dress is a little too large on me, but a smaller size made the plaid pattern awkwardly stretch and contort across my bust. So I decided to work with the oversize thing and make a punk/grunge outfit.

Glammed Up Grunge 3

Because the dress is a little large on me, I thought it would be fun to play with proportions and go for super-skinny shoes. These suede skinny ankle boot stilettos are amazing. I got them on Amazon from a boutique – I’m not sure which brand. They were pretty expensive but worth every dime, as they really pull an outfit together. I also love how the stilettos are sexy and dressed-up: the perfect contrast to a casual oversize plaid dress.

Glammed Up Grunge 2


Last but not least, to elevate the look from casual to presentable, I added this black and gold long necklace from Forever 21. The necklace is long, to match the proportions, but is also pretty simple, so the main focus remains on the plaid dress.


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