OOTD: It’s a Boy

I recently attended a Dodger’s-themed baby shower for the baby boy my nephew and niece-in-law are having! Putting together an outfit was NOT easy. It was at El Cholo, so, casual. Dodger’s theme = casual, and blue. Baby boy = blue (as long as he identifies as a boy!). But you know me – I never like being dressed TOO casually.

This outfit made me feel like me! I started with this blue/red/white plaid thing. I’m not sure what to call it. It’s not a cardigan, or a jacket, or a blazer, but it fits kinda like a blazer and is soft cotton.

I put it over this white ripped long-sleeved cotton t-shirt. You know me and ripped clothes – I just couldn’t resist this top!

More ripped clothes on the bottom with these light wash destroyed jeans.

For shoes, I chose to wear my brand-new Sam Edelman “wine cork” pumps! These shoes are the best. They are patterned just like wine corks, with the wood-grain textures and gold sparkles to match.

When the baby is born, he won’t care about what I wore to his baby shower, but hopefully one day he’ll see he has quite the stylish auntie.

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