OOTD: June Gloom

While other places are enjoying the sunshine and heat of summer, Santa Monica is stuck in its annual June Gloom. After a month of May Gray, it seems like the cold weather and fog will never let up.

It can be tempting to layer up and go back to the winter neutrals on days like this. Instead, I put on my pretty new blue and white polka dot dress from H&M and tried to perk up my mood.

This dress is perfect for work. The length is appropriate, the neckline is high and the pattern is classic. The cinched waist is emphasized by two ties, one on either side of the dress, which make it clear that although you are a professional, you still have a figure.

I emphasized the white polka dots in this dress with my white matte pumps from Payless Shoesource. I’m so stoked that white shoes are back in style. I don’t think that white shoes have ever been trendy in my lifetime (or even since the 1970s), but now white boots and white heels abound.

Both necklaces are from Tiffany’s. Bangle is from Ettika.

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