OOTD: Just Plain Flannel

The acronym KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is the best rule of thumb for dealing with flannel. Flannel makes such a bold statement by itself, with bright colors, a distinctive pattern and even a fabric named after it. Trying to pair too much with flannel can cause you to go overboard and look like a mess. It’s best to keep accessories simple with flannel!

This red flannel dress from Fashion Q, a boutique in Rancho, originally came with a matching red flannel belt. I really felt like the belt was too much. So I swapped it out for this brown braided belt, also from Fashion Q, instead.

To play off the warm red and brown colors, I added these warm chestnut brown suede ankle boots from Charlotte Russe. I love that the combination of the short dress and ankle boot cut makes me look like I have legs for days.

Warm colors call for gold jewelry. This gold feather necklace is from Charlotte Russe, and adds a”nature” vibe to the “country” flannel. I also added this gold chain bracelet from Ettika.

What do you usually pair with flannel? Let me know in the comments!

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