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Last month, I took a trip to Portland to visit one of my best friends, who lives in Washington and wanted to do a Portland adventure for her birthday. It was my first visit to the Pacific NorthWest, and I wanted to look the part. I know that Oregon, Washington and Northern California are truly the Ground Zeros of modern hipster culture, from leggings as pants to hippie clothes, cold-brewed coffee, artisan doughnuts and a renewed interested in”high-brow? culture.

2016-06-27 20.47.06

Thus, I packed the most hipster thing I could find in my closet – this black floral wrap dress from Forever 21! Black and florals – what’s more hipster than that??? I felt fully prepared to fit in, plus this dress is such a confidence boost. A flattering fit, thin long sleeves, cleavage – what could go wrong?

2016-06-27 20.47.33

Basically, I had no idea what I was getting myself into in Portland. This outfit would allow me to fit in IF AND ONLY IF it was also paired with a ratty t-shirt underneath, an oversize hoodie and maybe some Chacos or Birkenstocks. Worn with socks. In other words, Portland’s “fashion” scene is non-existent and my very worst nightmare. Come on, people, we can be super artsy and sophisticated and smart AND still look nice!!

2016-06-27 20.47.59

So, upon landing back at LAX and basically kissing the ground out of gratitude to be back, I decided to style this dress for an “LA hipster look instead. I added these black strappy wedges from Payless, which are super comfortable and sexy at the same time.

2016-06-27 20.48.26

I decided to jazz it up with bold gold jewelry. What goes well with flowers? Well, leaves of course! This gold leaf necklace from Forever 21 was a great addition.

2016-06-27 20.48.51

I also slipped on this funky geometric gold ring, also from Forever 21.

How do you think the fashion scene varies the most between LA and the PNW? Let me know in the comments!

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