OOTD: Lace and Rust

As anyone who reads my blog regularly has figured out, I hate sticking to one style genre. I like mixing and matching different genres and categories to create whole new outfits.

Rust and lace 6

In this instance, I decided to pair cute and classic with country accents!

Rust and lace 5

The cute and classic comes from this darling white lace strapless dress from Fashion Rush. It’s so figure-flattering, really flirty and super versatile. I also added the classic heart”Return to Tiffany’s┬ánecklace to up the prep factor.

Rust and lace 4

Next, for country. This rust-colored blazer/jacket/cardigan/whatever it is is so unique and fun. I got it at Fashion Rush at the same time as the lace dress, figuring they would go perfectly together. I finished the outfit with these brown suede fringe ankle booties from Target Style.

Rust and lace 3

Together, these 2 country items balance out the cute/delicate items for an entirely new look.

Rust and lace 2

How would you mix together classic and country items? Do you ever mix and match genres? Let me know in the comments!

Rust and lace 1

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