OOTD: Meet the Parents

Meeting the parents is an incredibly stressful time when you’re in a relationship. You want to be yourself, but you also want to make a good impression. An outfit like this is both conservative (long skirt, no cleavage) but fun (mild crop top, textured booties). It’s perfect for situations when you want to dress to impress but not look like a clone (don’t wear this to a job interview, though – crop tops are not appropriate for situations when you are SUPPOSED to look like a clone).

2016-05-03 02.17.59

This white ribbed crop top is from Forever 21. It’s so funky. There’s a seam right down the middle vertically. The fabric is ribbed. And the hemline makes an upside-down V. So it may be a plain white crop top, but it’s far from boring.

2016-05-03 02.17.29

Next, I added this gray pencil skirt. I purchased this skirt many years ago from Goodwill, which is a total Diva on a Budget move. Pro tip: Goodwill stores in high-end neighborhoods like Santa Monica and by the USC campus have tons of designer clothes for dirt-cheap. Many of the items even still have the tags on them (aka they haven’t even been worn). I used to hit up Goodwill when I was a poor starving college student and needed something I didn’t really care about, like a professional outfit for a last-minute job interview or an outfit for a themed frat party.

2016-05-03 02.16.52

In keeping with the gray and the profesh, I wore these gray suede stiletto ankle booties from Payless. They’re both professional and funky.

2016-05-03 02.16.16

I kept jewelry simple, with a classic blue and silver”Return to Tiffany’s? necklace and silver Tiffany’s ring. How do you dress to impress? Let me know in the comments!

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