OOTD: Pairing Funky Prints and Fabrics

Lately I have been seeing models wearing striped shirts with simple, solid-colored skater skirts and boots. At first I was skeptical – I’ve always been very coordinated, and matching different color families and different prints doesn’t usually occur to me. But these awesome and unique outfits inspired me to dress outside my comfort zone and see if I could pull off this look too.

Mixing Funky Prints 1

This kind of outfit calls for the basics! So, of course, the Basics King that is H&M comes in handy. I love this black and white striped shirt. The cotton is so comfy, and the” sleeve keeps me covered but not overheating. Although black and hot pink can often come off looking quite punk-rock, I decided that the white stripes in the shirt were enough that I could risk it anyway. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out! The shirt is fitted, but a little oversize. The hot pink skater skirt (from Forever 21) has a tight fitted waist but flairs out in a big a-line. Tucked in, the look is great.


But black shoes on the bottom would create exactly the kind of punk rocker look I was trying to avoid! What to do??

In the end, I decided to go all out with my funky mixed outfit and mix black and white, hot pink, stripes,” sleeves, a short skirt and…brown suede and fringe moccasin ankle boots. I mean, go big or go home right?

Mixing Funky Prints 4

I love these boots from Target, but they sure do make a statement! I decided to let them do their thing and I think it worked out well – suede and fringe moccasins don’t usually go with stripes, they go with boho looks. I love that this outfit did the unexpected.

I felt cute and funky all day long. I’m going to experiment with mixing other colors and prints too! Perhaps teal and leopard??

Mixing Funky Prints 2
Kick up your heels.



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