OOTD: Sail Away

I always have a problem finding shorts I like. If they fit over my thighs, they’re gaping wide at the waist. If they fit my waist, I feel like my thighs are squished in like sausages. #curvygirlproblems. High waisted bottoms have literally been the savior of my life. With a high-waisted fit, the waist hits high up. No more worrying about fitting my waist, about squishing my legs in, about showing my underwear when I bend over or about having tummy pudge when I wear crop tops because the jeans hit at literally the one point where all my food goes if I even have one bit to eat.
These black high-waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe are a dream. The high waist is flattering. The material is super fun and slinky. And the buttons are so neat! I feel like the black color, along with the positioning of three gold buttons in a vertical line, are super nautical-looking. I decided to put together a quick and casual outfit based on this theme.
This black and white striped shirt from H&M feels sailor-like to me. Best of all, it’s part of H&M’s Basics collection, meaning it’s just $5. Score! I bought it in every color and print.
I was thinking of adding Sperries for shoes, but decided that these black and gold chain sandals for Forever 21 were more fitting. After all, a sailor would have to deal with chains on the mast…right? Right? I think so, anyway. This might be a stretch.
Anyway, moving on, last but not least is this gold giraffe J. Crew necklace that goes with literally everything ever, even if there are no giraffes on a ship.
What is your favorite style of shorts? Let me know in the comments!”

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