OOTD: Salmon Romper

Rompers are the best. Not only are they easy-breezy dressing (they’re one piece – just throw one on and you’re dressed) but they are funky and unique. Easy dressing that is a little more fun and different than a dress.

Salmon Romper Gold Sandals and Necklace

Forever 21 has great rompers that are super cheap (under $10) and have a really flattering fit. I have a few in different patterns. But probably the most versatile romper I own is this salmony/orangey/pink romper.

While the cotton material makes it super casual-looking (con), it is also super-comfy (pro). I have also found ways to jazz it up a little. I added these beige suede sandals from Forever 21 – their shiny gold accents bring a POP to the outfit. I also wore this long charm necklace, also from Forever 21. There’s fringe, a key, an Eiffel Tower, a rose, a heart and “love” written in cursive. Because this necklace has so much going on, it helps to accessorize the solid-color romper.

I also chose gold because it makes the entire outfit warm and sunny! The salmon is naturally a warm color, and the gold accents help me just glow. It’s a perfect summer outfit, and now that it’s fall but still 95 degrees, I am still rocking it. Did I mention the romper has pockets??? #Gamechanger.

Disclosure –
This post is not associated with Forever 21 in any way. I received no compensation for this post.

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