OOTD: Soft Winter Blues

Winter fashion is usually about dark colors and jewel tones, but lately I’ve seen a lot of pastel blue sweaters out and about!

I purchased my own, with fun chevron stripes of white and gray. The chenille fabric is so so so soft, I want to wear a suit of chenille every day of my life. But that’s a little off-topic.

I’m also really weird about blue jeans. I feel like they are blue, not a true “neutral,” so I usually don’t pair blue tops with blue jeans. However, this pastel blue sweater wouldn’t work with black jeans, and wouldn’t really look right with dark blue jeans. So I opted for light blue denim after all.

I did feel a little weird, like I was wearing a well-coordinated ski suit, but most likely I am the only person in the world who thought this!

Because the outfit is a bit basic (sweater and jeans, not really creative), I was able to add some pizazz with my footwear. These studded white booties are some of my favorite shoes in my collection – and if you’ve seen my shoe collection, you’ll know that is really saying a lot!

Do you wear pastel in winter, or stick to dark tones? Let me know in the comments!

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